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Fishing for Data - A Case Study for Creating a Consumer Tracker

The Fishin’ Company is the largest importer of tilapia in the world, as well as one of the largest importers of frozen fish. Fishin’ Co has been a client of AYTM’s since 2017. As one of their many reasons to conduct market research on a DIY platform, including saving money and time, Fishin’ Co was looking for a way to find data that had not yet existed to their market. Although it was easy for them to find data on pounds of seafood farmed, caught and consumed on a yearly basis; it was difficult to find data in regards to consumer buying habits.

AYTM worked with Fishin’ Co to train the team on our platform and set up a monthly tracker, that they could manage themselves, in order to help them build an ongoing consumer insight portfolio.

The full case study is available below.


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